Honeymoon Punta Cana

Leslie and I just got back from our awesome Honeymoon in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  We went for eight days and seven nights experiencing a lot of what Punta Cana has to offer.  It was great to get away and just relax.  Here are some of the highlights and pictures from the trip.

Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle

We arrived in Punta Cana Wednesday the 3rd sometime in the afternoon.  We stayed at an all inclusive resort called Dreams, the resort was very well maintained, fairly large and beautiful.  It took us the rest of the afternoon and evening to look over the whole resort.  The first full day of the trip was pretty much dedicated to Jiu Jitsu, I am unbelievably lucky to have a wife that is willing to dedicate the first day of our honeymoon to Jiu Jitsu.  We knew given that all food and drinks were included that we might partake in one or two chardonnays so therefore the first day would be the best to train.  We were able to set up a mini seminar at Basico Jiu Jitsu in Punta Cana ran by Abraham Marte Brown Belt Kaelum Kalista.  Thank you guys at Basico Jiu Jitsu for welcoming us in for the great train.  The gym has a lot of talent packed into the small space upstairs of a local strip mall.  The place  has no A/C, no Swamp Cooler, No windows, and no worries.  I found it really cool that it is truly a Jiu Jitsu club, meaning everyone pays what they can pay to keep the doors open and the Jiu Jitsu flowing without a set price.  Walking into the place the first time reminded me of a sauna, walking into it after two hours of training felt like a Sedona Sweat Lodge.  I sweated more there than I had probably sweat the last year combined.  I taught a many seminar on an S Mount Variety that I liked to work and then rolled with all the students there.  It always amazes me how awesome the Jiu Jitsu community is, there is a family where ever you go.



The Real Punta Cana

Staying at an all inclusive resort is nice for the convenience and comfort, but it is sometimes hard to get a good grasp on the community outside the walls of the resort.  Leslie and I decided to take a tour into the Jungle and Mountains near by to see how the real people of Punta Cana live.  In my experiences it has always been a refreshing change traveling to a third world countries.  The people have very little in terms of possessions but live a relaxed family based way of life that makes everyday a holiday.  We were able to tour a local school and see lots of local homes.  The real Punta Cana is a beautiful place with a great outlook on life.  In the tour we got to travel through a cave and see what the natives prior to Christopher Columbus lived like.  We then traveled to a local coffee and chocolate plant and got to see the entire process of making both.  We went and saw how cigars were made, sugar was made, went horseback riding, got to eat local food, and experience what the essence of Punta Cana is all about.

Mama Juana Meltdown

When we got picked up from the airport upon arriving our driver gave us some friendly tips.  One that sticks out the most is him saying the local favorite drink is called Mama Juana and when you drink it make sure to write your name and where you are staying on a piece of paper so they know where to return you after you don’t.  Curiosity killed the cat Friday morning, Leslie and had to see what this drink was all about.  We were with a group of people at the swim up bar at the hotel and soon enough a round of Mama Juana’s was ordered.  The drink comes with a dance that you must do before the shot; Ariba, Abajo, el Centro, el sexy moviento, and down the hatch.  This drink was crazy we both immediately felt in the eyes.  This was the start of a very long couple days.  Down below our some of my Mama Juana experiences.  First this is what is in the famous Mama Juana, 1/4 honey, 1/4 red whine, 1/2 rum mixed with 7 or 8 spices, barks, and who knows what else.

Nice Nips

When you go to an all inclusive resort you almost feel responsible to drink enough alcohol to get your monies worth.  One day after several Mama Juana shots and several Black Angels (rum based drink special by the local bartenders Dagoberto and David),  I was on the level.  Just then from the corner of my eyes I saw a pair of nipples on a French gentlemen that caught my eyes.  They were shining white with a full hair beard around them that looked similar to two Suns shining at me.  Before I knew it the Mama Juana in me shouted out “Nice Nips!’  The guy looked at me and said thank you with a confused look on his face.  Almost gosh did I really just say that, Leslie and I turned away and walked quickly hoping the gentlemen didn’t catch us laughing.  You know when you wake up the next day in college after a long night of drinking with a list of people that you need to apologize to.   Well this is kind of how I felt, and wouldn’t you know it after telling a man that he has “nice nips” you are destined to run into him at least twenty times the next day, sometimes in small hallways.  A little embarresment really makes you feel alive.

Drunk Walker

The first night we were at the resort it came as unpleasant surprise that there are hundreds of peddlers pushing product at you several nights a week.  “My friend I have special price for you, practically free.”  “My friend come here looky looky is free,” “Oh my friend you know Dominican stone?”  These are some phrases that we heard hundreds of time.  These peddlers were pushy and when they got you to their tables to show you their stuff they tried to rip you off as much as possible.  I got pretty good and negotiating on goods.  Not small negotiations either, they would start at $150 and I would talk them down to $8.  I enjoyed the negotiaions for a little bit but after being there for a couple of days you realize everyone has the same stuff so there is not much more to see.  The problem is the salesmen would not take “No” for an answer.  I think about day three I started thinking up ideas to get around these salesmen.  Idea one was to tell them I am from Slovenia and I speak Slovenian only.  I’m not sure there is such a language and when I spoke it, it didn’t seem real believable.  I was able to get past one salesman with it but had to brainstorm for a better idea.  This is when the big idea hit me, “Leslie when we walk past these next people appear really really wasted.”   She agreed this would be a fun idea, so we stumbled up to the next booth.  The salesman said “my friend…Ohhh mucho alcohol.”  With that the drunk walker was born.  We approached another series of tables and I decided to let the guy behind us in our plan.  This guy liked the sounds of it and managed to show me up and go down in history as the Ultimate Drunk Walker.

Not All is as it Appears

The food was an interesting experience.  At the resort there was not a Dominican Restaurant, instead they gave us the options of Asian, French or Italian.  Turns out Dominican People are not real informed when it comes to these kinds of cuisines.  It was always fun to see their interpretation of things like Lasagna, Ziti, Sushi, and Cashew Chicken.  Be careful what you ask for.

The Rest

It was a great trip with lots of fond memories with my new beautiful wife.  We snuba dived, snorkeled, boated, swam, played games and so much more in a very enjoyable week get away.  I am ready to be back and get life back to some what normal but I hope I can keep a little bit of the Dominican laid back in my lifestyle.  Go check out my wife’s blog www.justagirlbjj.com the next couple days for more pictures and stories of the trip.

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