I’m too Old to Train

I’m too old to train, well maybe I’m not even though I feel like it right now.  It has been a tough a year for me dealing with back pain, followed by a motorcycle accident that tore apart my ankle, followed by my latest episode from last Saturdays roll that popped my rib out of place.  It is frustrating getting older and not being able to deal with injuries like I used to.  This is not the reason for this blog though.

I have talked to so many people that have told me Jiu Jitsu looks amazing but I’m too old to start training.

Three years ago while hanging out at the gym after a class I had a spry 75 year old man walk in the door at Siege MMA.  We talked for a little bit about his martial arts experience and his curiosity about Jiu Jitsu.  After awhile of talking he asked if he could start taking private lessons to learn Jiu Jitsu for the first time.   Since then I have been doing one private lesson a week for the past three years whenever he is in town, as he lives here seasonally.

Here’s a little background information on my friend Alphonse Curatolo, he started training in Shorie-goju Karate at the age of 13.  Most of his training was done in Japan and now he has obtained a 6th degree Black Belt through his 64 years of experience.  He teaches at Glendale YMCA when he resides in Phoenix.  Alphonse won the all Japan Karate title in 1960 before traveling the world learning and studying.  He was first introduced to Jiu Jitsu in the 1960s when he stumbled upon a Gracie training camp while living in Caracas, Venezula.  He was intrigued with Jiu Jitsu then but at that point in his life he was too busy with his martial arts career to study the art.  He told me after a lesson the other day “I love Jiu Jitsu!”

So are you too old to start Jiu Jitsu?  I know one man that doesn’t think so, thanks Alphonse for your dedication to Jiu Jitsu and your friendship.


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