It’s Tough Getting Old

I was really hoping to compete in this upcoming weekends Southwest Classic at Phoenix College , unfortunately it is not meant to be.  I have been working hard with my strength and conditioning coach Naveed Shan on strenghthening my back and relieving the pain.  This week proved to still be a work in progress.  I was still up in the air on if I was going to compete or not Monday, so I did a trial run with some light rolling.   After the rolls I was convinced that it wasn’t  a good idea to compete and destroy any of the progress that I have been making on being healthy.

I want to give a big shout out to my sponsors Performance Glass and Shimono Kimonos.  Although I will not be competing both were committed to supporting me for the tournament.

I’d like to publicly thank Ben Shimono and Shimono Kimonos for the opportunity to compete and train as one of their sponsored athletes this past year.  The company has hooked me up with some sweet gear and great training equipment, they were committed and stood %100 behind my success.

This past year has been a busy year for Leslie and I.  We have started on our own GI company, Eminence Kimono.  Our first GI was the Just A Girl Leopard Print GI that sold extremely quickly, there are only a few left.  We are very excited about the release of three brand new GIs next week, both male and female GIs.  The release of our male line means that I will be now representing Eminence Kimono.  I leave Shimono Kimonos with a great deal of respect for their product, the company, and a friendship with much gratitude.

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