I’ve got my Gold on


Today at the 2011 Arizona State Championships I won the Brown Belt Heavyweight division (207lbs).  Only having one other in my bracket I had one match to gold.  I ended up securing an arm bar about four minutes in.  The arm bar was set up by an omaplata when my opponent, Sal Flores from BJJ Revolution in Tuscon, straightened his arm out of the omaplata.  That forcing me to go to all fours and attach the arm making Sal roll out and then I finished it from the top. 

The absolute division was loaded with great competition.  I ended loosing in the semifinals to a man that weighed two of me.  He fought off sever triangles, arm bars, and omaplatas by stacking me til I broke.  Ended up in a tie for bronze with UFC vet, former WEC lightweight Champ Ben Henderson.  Congrats to professional fighter and Grace Fighting Systems Instruct Daniel Madrid for his Gold medal in absolute division.

Other highlights of the weekend were Logan Jewells silver medal in Blue Belt Medio Heavy, Shea Kirks Gold Orange Belt, Jesus Artesi Brown Belt Medeo Heavy Silver, Silver White Belt Joe Schmitt, Zenya (sp) Artesi.  I know I missed some so feel free to post.  Proud of all those competing it shows that you are working on your game and improving.  Keep competing and soon we will get the team results we are looking for. oooosssssss.


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  1. Andrew says:

    I forgot one of the most curageous performances of the day. Leslie Rials, a new Lotus Club team member, sprained or hyperextended her knee in her first match and could barely walk. She went on to win two more matches and a State Championship, congrats Leslie.

  2. Leslie rials says:

    Thanks for the props Andrew! I appreciate that 🙂 amazing job today!!

  3. prowler says:

    Grats to you and to the rest of the team on a job well done.

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