Jiu Jitsu- A Way of Life

I have had several people tell me “That is really cool that you teach Jiu Jitsu for a living, what do you plan on doing after Jiu Jitsu though?”

I usually am shocked when people say this, and immediately get on the defensive. I can’t picture a life without Jiu Jitsu, and God willing won’t ever have to. Through my years of training I have seen a handful of people quit Jiu Jitsu because they feel they are too old to train. Personally I think that quitting is not an option, but reevaluating how you train is a must. I have made changes in my training over the past couple years, realizing when to take a day off, who to roll with and who not roll with it, taking days to teach and not always train, daily physical therapy, strength training, ect. These decisions are not always the easiest thing to except as in my mind I feel like I should be able to do everything that I could when I was 18. Keeping Jiu Jitsu apart of my daily life is so important to my health, and if you need any extra encouragement to train Jiu Jitsu I hope this video gives you that little push to throw on a GI.

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