Jiu Jitsu Problems

On Saturday I went down and rolled with Ultimate Fighter 9 Contestant Santino DeFranco and long time Jiu Jitsu Practioner Curt Howard. The 45 minute quick rolling session was all no-gi (Jiu Jitsu without the GI on). I have been training almost all GI lately and boy did it show. the GI and No-Gi are very similar but yet very different. During the no-gi rolls all I can say is protect your neck, thanks for the chokes guys!

Here is my problem, Jiu Jitsu is too big and I am having a difficult time keeping my skills in each aspect of Jiu Jitsu where I would like them to be. I have a hard enough time training primarily GI keeping both my guard and passing games sharp at the same time. Usually I get into working my guard for several weeks and my passing game struggles, or vise-versa. Here’s the kicker I need to get better at side control, mount and back also. Then I have the reminder Saturday that my no-gi game has slacked big time. Just too much to work on, not enough time or resilience of my body.

With 2014 coming to the end it gives me hope that I have next year to continue to get better and God willing years to come. I’m excited to get the doors open at De Boa Jiu Jitsu Academy in Surprise. I thing it will only add several more challenges in this forever growing addiction of Jiu Jitsu. Next year I will be living at the gym conquering one obstacle at a time, then repeating that same obstacle over and over. I’m going to need lots of help solving my Jiu Jitsu problems.

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