K Train

I haven’t been writing many blogs lately as I am waiting to update some of the visuals and logos on my blog, but I had to make an exception today.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Veterans day and thank you all for your service.  Our Military Men and Women sacrifice so much for us to live in this great country.  With all the turmoil going on over the Presidential race, political chaos, and social equality issues, I can’t help to be optimistic.  I witness my students everyday serving their country and know that their sacrifice should always give us hope and optimism,  plus no matter what God always sits in the thrown.

I’d like to recognize a couple of my students for their service.  We just welcomed back Staff Sergeant Clemente Fernandez back from his recent tour in Afghanistan.  Clem is one of my Blue Belts, he works hard, he’s a great teammate, and intrical part of De Boa.  He got orders to serve six months in Afghanistan, he had to leave Sam (3 Stripe White Belt) and baby Clem (Cinco) behind as he went to work.  It’s awesome to have the family back, and again thank you!

Last week was a hard week for me personally as well as for my team.  We had to say see you later to one of my Brown Belts, Staff Sergeant Keli Manglona.  Keli will be serving in Korea for the next year for the United States Air Force.  Keli has been a huge part of growing a great team here at De Boa and also pushing me to become better daily.  Losing Keli is tough, I lose one of best training partners, a lead by example competitor, a “nurturing” Coach, a great personality, and mostly a friend.  I know that Keli is going to grow as a person and a martial artist as he takes on this next step in his life, I am proud to call him one of my students.  Let this be a warning to everyone in Southeast Asia, the K Train is coming move out the way.  Proud of you my bro, and thanks for you service.  Keli’s wife, Staff Sergeant Kaila Manglona (2 Stripe White Belt) will be holding down the fort while Keli is away.  She will be managing pregnancy, watching their kid’s (Anella and Manase, sorry probably butchered the spelling), serving this Country, and hopefully back on the mats in about 8 months.  Let us know if there is anything we can do to help out.

I opened De Boa in Surprise, AZ with no idea how much Luke Air Force Base with play a role in the gym.  From day one I had Keli and others from the base that made De Boa their home.  It has helped bring a culture of a team that is willing to sacrifice for each other, help one another, and be a second family.  Blessed to have you all, enjoy your day!

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