As the quote goes “You either win or learn in Jiu Jitsu,” I learned.  There was only two adult Black Belts in this years AZ State Championships, Gerson Atoigue and I.  Gerson is a good friend of mine in the Jiu Jitsu Community, I always look forward to catching up with him at tournaments and watching him compete.  Gerson is smaller than me by about 40 lbs so this was the first time that we have faced each other, props to him for moving up in weight.   It was my first match as a Black Belt and boy did I feel all of the ten minute round.  I was up 7-0 with less than 40 seconds left with Gerson secured one of my favorite chokes and rolled through on it.  I searched for a way out but was forced to tap with about 20 seconds of the ten minute match left.  Congrats to Gerson on the victory hopefully we can do it again someday.

I always tell my students to compete because it makes you better.  My experience competing definitely made me better, last night I felt great in training and felt my game evolving.  I look forward to the next tournament that I am able to put my skills to the test.

My team did really well which made up for my disappointment in my loss.  I’m always proud of my students that go out and give competing a try.  Congratulations to HJ on her victory and new Grey-black belt and to Kaitlyn on her victory and her  new blue belt!

I’d like to thank those that made it possible for me to compete.  First my training partners for all there help in preparation and thanks to the ones that were there supporting me.  Thanks to my sponsors OSS Physical Therapy, Naveed Shan Training Systems, Performance Glass, and Eminence Kimono, you all make it possible for me to what I do.  I will come back better in October, make sure you keep an eye on the mat.


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