Learning to Appreciate the Rough Days


They are bound to happen… Those days that you leave the gym beat up and ready for a nice sob in the shower, last night was one of those days.  It is so frustrating when you get to the gym and feel like you have never trained before, your hips aren’t moving, your guard passing is stale, your legs are stiff, and you wonder where to take the fight so that you don’t get your butt kicked.  Last night it didn’t matter where I took the fight I was bound to get my butt kicked, and apparently my precious man jewels.  Two hard shots to the junk, one knee and an elbow, just about seemed fitting with the rough night I was having.  I remember having off nights in basketball when I played in high school and college where I felt like my thumbs were on backwards so it wasn’t a surprise to me when they happened to me in Jiu Jitsu.  The difference is in basketball you don’t have to take a beating physically on those nights.  I am trying to learn and grow as a Jiu Jitsu player through these nights and try to find an appreciation for them, although I don’t want to find the appreciation for the groin shots, those are never fun.  The best thing about these nights is the next day when you roll much better and you leave the gym with excitement.  Time to train!


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