Metamoris 2

Sundays are my day off each week…So what I did with my day off is the same thing I do when I am working, go down to the gym and roll.  I had a great day of rolling and really felt all the guard pass drilling all week paid off in my rolls.

Yesterday was also Metamoris 2, a Jiu Jitsu event that features 20 minute matches with the victory being determined by submission or judges decision after the fight.  The card looked stacked, unfortunately it didn’t live up to my expectations.  What did you think?

The Brendan Schaub fight was ridiculous and somewhat disrespectful to Jiu Jitsu.  Schuab didn’t understand that the point of the match was to work for a submission, I think they advertised it as a slap boxing fight to him.  It didn’t seem like many of the competitors were even working for the finish with only one out of the six fights ending in submission.  Props to Kron Gracie for finishing Aoki.


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