Metamoris Review

If you missed Metamoris on Sunday make sure to take some time to watch all the fights, I made it real convinient for you.  The six fights were amazing, and the show was okay.  The show started 45 minutes late and took more breaks than Kurtis Blow.  The event should have  been a two hour show but turned into a three and a half hour marathon.  

The first fight was a rematch between Caio Tera and Jeff Glover, it was a great display of playful Jiu Jitsu.  The two played around and it looked more like an afternoon of sparring in the gym.  Glover put himself in submissions and bad positions and worked his way out.  One wrong turn left Glover with his arm extended forced to tap. 

Match 2 was between Kayron Gracie and Rafael Lavato Jr..   Kayron was a blue belt when Lavato started competing at the black belt level, despite the black belt experience factor it was a heated battle.  

Kron Gracie vs Otavio Sousa was my favorite match of the event.  The grips that Otavio controlled were crazy through the first ten minutes.  I can only imagine the forearm pump he had going on approaching the seventeenth minute.  Kron handled it like a son of a legend in the end.  

Xande Ribeiro is amazing, his control on the ground is very impressive.  Dean escaping that armbar was insane though.  

The Co-main event was a battle between new school and old school Jiu Jitsu.  To be honest, I thought Andre Galvao would finish Gracie without much problems.  I thought that with great respect to the Gracie family, they are the reason that Jiu Jitsu is where it is today.  Galvao is one of my favorite competitors and is one of the top in the world, props to Ryron for holding him off for 20 minutes.   

Wow!!  Marcus “Buchecha” Ameida is the real deal, I have never seen anyone challange Roger like that.  My hope out of this match is that Roger get inspired to train and compete in major BJJ events in the future.  A better prepared Roger would have some great match ups out there. 

With a show in the books hopefully next year they can iron out some details and make it run a little more smooth.  Looking forward to Metamoris Pro #2.

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