MMA in Kuwait

My friend Ray Elbe is getting set to fight MMA for the first time since December 2010.  He was surprised by a late change in the rules that look like this.

1. 15 seconds on the ground.

2. 3 min rounds

3. No head GNP

The ground restrictions seem to be a distinct disadvantage to Ray who is a Black Belt under Juliano Prado, 15 seconds is not a whole lot of time to work on the ground.  Although it appears to be a huge disadvantage I am excited to see what Ray’s stand up looks like.  When I lived in Thailand last year,Ray was the head MMA instructor at Tiger Muay Thai, where I taught Jiu Jitsu.  Ray had an unbelievable opportunity to train with some of the best in the world in his 4 year tenure there.  Tiger is a place that fighters come to work on their stand up and often kick off their training camps.  In the short six months that I stayed there many big names came through.

  • Royce Gracie (UFC Champion)
  • Fabio Galeb (Micheal Misping’s ground coach on the Ultimate Fighter)
  • Jake Shields (UFC Figther)
  • Roger Huerta (UFC/Bellator Vet)
  • Wanderley Filho (Alliance Black Belt)
  • Marcos Oliveira (BJJ Black Belt)
  • Mauricio Zingano (BJJ Black Belt)
  • Adam Kayoom (Ricardo Liborio Black Belt One FC Fighter)
  • Cat Zingano (Strikeforce Fighter)
  • Yasubey Enomoto (M1 Global Champ)
  • Phillipe Enomoto (One FC fighter)
  • Ryan Diaz (Strikeforce Vet)
  • Oscar Junior (BJJ Black belt)
  • Dimitris Tsitos (BJJ Black Belt)
  •  Wiktor Swensson (One FC Fighter)
  • Cyrille Diabaté (UFC Fighter)
  • Clemente Shields (BJJ Black Belt)

I am sure that I missed a handful of fighters because the amount traveling through Thailand is mind boggling.  I haven’t even mentioned the World Class Muay Thai trainers that live there.  The amount of excellent trainers with over 100 fights is crazy.  With the long layoff between fights and all the high level guys Ray has available on a daily basis I’m sure he has some new trick up his sleeve.

The fight is set to take place in Kuwait on September 30, Good luck bro.

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  1. Ray Elbe says:


    Thanx for the support…see you next month Drew Jitsu!

  2. Rob Lowry says:

    You forgot to put my name on the list 🙂

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