New belts



We did the kids promotion today at Siege MMA.  It is always fun to watch kids get rewarded for their hard work and dedication.  We have a lot of new yellow and orange belts at the school.  Credit is due to the kids instructors Chip and Gabe Kirk, they do a great job with the kids.

A special congrats to one of my students Ian Elizondo.  I have been working with Ian since I got back from Thailand and have seen huge leaps in his game.  As an instructor you dream about a student like Ian, whatever I teach him I see him working it constantly.  Today he was awarded his orange belt, skipping his yellow belt all together.  A huge jump for Ian and he should be feeling the pressure to elivate his game.  Congrats to all the kids recieving a promotion today is was fun to be apart of it.  Now that I have more time to dedicate to the school I will be making frequent apparences to the kids class.  Looking forward to working with all of you soon. Osssssss

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