One Week and Counting

Who would of thought that getting married in 8 days, selling my house this week, and doing some major projects with Eminence Kimono would result in a lack of blog entries.  Life has been hectic lately and am looking forward to it slowing down a little bit.  A couple congratulations are owed from the past couple of weeks, congrats to Joe Gomez, Erik Villalobos, and John McCarthy on their recent MMA wins.  It was great to be in your corners guys and look forward to seeing you all grow into champions.  Johnny Mac captured his first belt The Duel for Domination 125lb Amateur title!

Tonight Rich Simons was promoted to Purple Belt.  Right is 6’4,” 280 ish a big guy.  Big guys have it rough in Jiu Jitsu, they constantly have to not put weight on their training partners and can rarely really go at in their rolls.  There are a lot of times that I see Rich have difficulties even getting people to roll with him due to his size.  I am proud of his improvements in his game, he showed off his skill at a couple local tournaments and can now proudly rock the Purple Belch.

So yeah I am getting married a week from tomorrow in Colorado.  I am excited and not too nervous yet, I am sure they will kick in.  We are registered at

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