Original Grappler

Anyone else miss the old school hip hop and rap? Can you picture me rolling in my 1991 Mitsubishi El Mirage with two 15′ Subwoofers bumping in the back, man I was cool. I wasn’t just cool I was “ganster,” a baggy pant wearing tough guy. Little did I know I wasn’t gangster at all, I grew up in the country and we did our pre-gaming in my buddies shed with cattle outside. You couldn’t tell us, we were G’d up from the feet up, shout out to all the “02 Crew!” This new rap/hip hop just doesn’t cut it for me.

I have implemented a lot of the new style of Jiu Jitsu, a style with lapel guards, leg drags and berimbolos. My training partner, Gene, has been training with me since ’08. He has taken a couple of breaks but has been back at it hard for the last year. When Gene took his last year+ sabbatical the game changed while he was out. I enjoy watching him pick up some new school tricks but it is safe to say his game is still old school.

Last night I finished off a mean 10 Round Monday with a roll with Gene. The first half of the roll I tried to sweep him with the new school lapel games. He based down and went straight old school on me nullifying my lapel tricks. I finally had to go back to the basics to get a closed guard sweep.

All these kids growing up Jiu Jitsu better not sleep on the basics, or you are going to get an OG (Original Grappler) that flower sweeps you into a cross choke. Sometimes the old school is just the way to go. Good training to all.

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