Leslie and I made the trip down to Mesa to visit Dr. Jenni Larson and OSS (Orthopedic & Sports Specialists) today.  I am excited to be working with this great company, not only do they specialize in sports physical therapy but the owner and doctor is a purple belt.  It is really easy to explain symptoms when you can tell Dr. Jenni “when I go inverted from De La Riva my back really bothers me.”  They spent about two hours on therapy and massages for me today and I am very grateful.  It was well worth the hour drive there and two hour drive home with traffic.  If you live in the east valley you would be crazy not to be stopping by their office on a weekly basis to keep up on all those Jiu Jitsu related injuries.  My new green OSS patch is going to look nice on my new Jester GI.

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