This is the home of One Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Andrew Gardineer, head instructor of De Boa Jiu Jitsu Academy in Surprise Arizona. Follow me as I live the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle, sharing techniques and experiences that Jiu Jitsu has created for me.

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You Are What You Eat?

Great, I don’t really want to be a cheeseburger but on the other hand I’m not real fond of being a tomato either.

My wife decided that she was going to do Worlds this year, so I decided to clean up my diet and help her by not consuming junk in front of her. I have never been a great eater, I typically drink three sodas a day and have that afternoon pick-me-up of a delicious Monster Energy Drink. Even with the poor diet I managed to train at least ten times a week. I have tried cleaning up what I eat in the past but haven’t felt much different.

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to give it another shot. I start my morning with my Green Shake, eat either fish or chicken for lunch, protein shake, early dinner (chicken or fish), late dinner (Chicken or fish) and then another protein shake before bed. I burn off so many calories a day that it is very hard for me to consume enough to maintain my weight. I have cut out my soda intake as well as no more Monsters. I am excited about how I feel, the difference is incredible. If you haven’t tried cleaning up your diet in awhile I guarantee as you age your diet plays a large roll on your energy level, body weight and overall health. Give it a try and feel the difference!

Without a Shadow of Doubt

There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance, one is extremely beneficial the other is extremely hazardous. How many confident people do you know that do not come across as arrogant? How many arrogant people do you know that have no confidence? I think as human beings it is natural to allow doubt to get in your head, so we combat that doubt in three ways; 1. Continue with the doubt and lack of confidence 2. Overshadow the doubt with a false sense of confidence or arrogance 3. Approach life with confidence.

How do we gain this sense of confidence? I gain confidence through my life experiences, my failures, and my hard work. Now before I appear “Arrogant,” let me explain this is a task I am working on in many areas of my life and by no means have it figured out. I’m far from a life instructor instead more of a student.

Last weekend gave me a great opportunity to learn about myself and learn about my Jiu Jitsu. I had the opportunity to compete at the Grand Canyon State Open. Going into the tournament I had an 0-3 record as a Black Belt. I found a lot of success as a Brown Belt competing but had yet to experience my hand being raised as a Black. The lack of success didn’t cast much doubt in my mind in being able to win as a Black Belt, I actually went into the tournament with genuine confidence. Owning my own school I very rarely train Jiu Jitsu selfishly anymore, more often than not I am training to improve my students over training to improve myself. I do have great students that push me, so my game continues to improve despite the fact my training does not center around me. I was able to achieve my first win as a Black Belt in my two man weight division, winning by armbar. I then signed up for the Open Weight.

I had this confidence thing figured out right? Wrong, my open weight match was against a Brazilian guy from Gracie Barra. I was pretty sure I knew the guy from back in 2008 when I was a Blue Belt. I trained at a Gracie Barra at the time and had traveled to the Barra Headquarters in Irvine. I was amazed by the amount of Black Belts on the mat , and I’m pretty sure he was one of them. This knocked my confidence off course and allowed the doubt to set in.

I went into the match without %100 confidence, which had me not making decisions off confidence but decision making with the cloud of doubt overhead. It was a good match that I lost in sudden death overtime. Watch the match and see for yourself the hesitations that surely could have won the match. If I would have had full confidence in what I do, the outcome may have been different.

So is my loss a loss, or is it a lesson? Only time will tell I say confidently.
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Part 3

Hello Monday

Tournament weekends are a lot of fun, come Monday morning another opportunity to train. I’m at the gym right now starting to write this blog before my Monday 9 a.m. class, it’s crazy 24 hours of Jiu Jitsu this weekend and I am still excited about getting better this morning. I think it will be a 10 round Monday Morning.

This past weekend my team De Boa Jiu Jitsu/One Jiu Jitsu went and represented at the Grand Canyon State Championships at Phoenix College. I am extremely proud of the warriors that went out and put their skills to the test, win or lose. We had amazing performances, inspirational performance, and some subpar performances, but one thing is in common everyone on the mat conquered their fear and got to work. Competing is way bigger than wins and losses, it’s about finding out things about yourself, improving and evolving.

Here are a few highlights of many that stick out from the weekend. First the coaching and support that team had the tournament, we rolled deep and it was awesome to see. We were so blessed to have all the coaches out there looking after the team. Thanks Will, Dwayne, Andy, Leslie, Robert, Keli and everyone else that stepped up to coach this weekend, all your hard work does not go without notice.

Big Phil with the “W!” It seems like yesterday that you were telling me that you wouldn’t ever going to compete. Taking steps outside your comfort zone shows a lot about the “why” of your Jiu Jitsu career, proud of you big man.

Many of you know that Blake Barth has been one of my best friends since the sixth grade, it is so awesome to have him apart of the team, enjoying the passion of Jiu Jitsu with us. This weekend he tested himself in a 13 man adult division. I told him to move down in age and put his skills to the test in the adult division. He tore through his bracket winning most by submission on his way to the Gold Medal.

Coaches Keli, Chris B and Andres all competed Sunday morning, true leaders on the team. When looking for a leader you don’t choose the guy riding on the carriage shouting out instructions, you choose the people pulling the carriage. Way to lead from the front guys and congrats on all the Golds!

I want to recognize Coach Leslie, aka my wife. She not only does a phenomenal job with our kid’s and women’s programs, she manages to also work a full time job, a full time mom, an amazing wife, and puts up with me all the time. She does so much behind the scenes for De Boa, not only was she at the tournament organizing and coaching all day both days, she then went home and spent hours working on pictures from the tournament. I couldn’t do it without you babes, love you.

Thanks Sean Peezy, Erik, Yoli, and Jack for coming out and supporting, it meant a lot!

Thanks to Master Giva Santana and Prof. Mo Khayat for leading the One Jiu Jitsu Affiliation and encouraging us to compete and lead from the front. Also shout to my boys Jesus Jose and Claudio Rios for great performances, time to kill each other and get ready for the next one.

On Wednesday the video from my first round loss in the Open Weight Division. I will never run from a loss, and will always embrace the lessons, stay tuned!

Discovering Your Why

There are so many reasons WHY people start Jiu Jitsu; to get in shape, to learn self defense, boost self confidence, social, competition, boredom, ect. Through my 11 years of Jiu Jitsu I have witnessed 1000s of people start Jiu Jitsu with all kinds of reasons WHY to take on the challenge. Unfortunately I have witnessed 1000s of people quit their journey without ever discovering the real reason WHY they need Jiu Jitsu.

There is not quick satisfaction in Jiu Jitsu, you are not going to loose 20lbs the first week, you won’t be able to defend yourself against a larger attacker after five classes, competitions won’t always go your way. The challenges and frustrations are a huge part of the WHY. Most people don’t realize this, they think I came into this journey with my goal and it just isn’t happening at the speed I want it to. Jiu Jitsu is a lot like life, you have good days and bad days. I challenge you to look for your real reason WHY, not the reason you started it.

I started Jiu Jitsu to challenge myself with competition and slightly because of boredom. I continue to train because it makes my life better and enhances the lives of those around me. The sacrifice is great, the pay off is much greater! Have a great week of training.

Original Grappler

Anyone else miss the old school hip hop and rap? Can you picture me rolling in my 1991 Mitsubishi El Mirage with two 15′ Subwoofers bumping in the back, man I was cool. I wasn’t just cool I was “ganster,” a baggy pant wearing tough guy. Little did I know I wasn’t gangster at all, I grew up in the country and we did our pre-gaming in my buddies shed with cattle outside. You couldn’t tell us, we were G’d up from the feet up, shout out to all the “02 Crew!” This new rap/hip hop just doesn’t cut it for me.

I have implemented a lot of the new style of Jiu Jitsu, a style with lapel guards, leg drags and berimbolos. My training partner, Gene, has been training with me since ’08. He has taken a couple of breaks but has been back at it hard for the last year. When Gene took his last year+ sabbatical the game changed while he was out. I enjoy watching him pick up some new school tricks but it is safe to say his game is still old school.

Last night I finished off a mean 10 Round Monday with a roll with Gene. The first half of the roll I tried to sweep him with the new school lapel games. He based down and went straight old school on me nullifying my lapel tricks. I finally had to go back to the basics to get a closed guard sweep.

All these kids growing up Jiu Jitsu better not sleep on the basics, or you are going to get an OG (Original Grappler) that flower sweeps you into a cross choke. Sometimes the old school is just the way to go. Good training to all.