Paleo Oreo

I’m that guy that complains about not being able to put any weight on no matter how hard I try.  I have caught quite a bit of crap for complaining about my skinny person problems, but they are significant problems.  Every time I see my Grandma and Aunt they tell me “Oh you are so skinny you need to put some meat on those bones.”  Now I have this complex that I am way too skinny no matter what I do.  A couple years ago I got a fitness app on my phone to try and monitor my calorie intake.  With the amount of calories I burn through day training all I need to do is put down a 4,000 Calorie a day diet, so pretty much become a professional eater.

Recently I changed my focus from gaining weight to optimizing my abilities at my God given weight.  I changed my diet that included lots of candy bars, paleo oreos, pizza, cheeseburgers, sodas, you name it, to a much healthier one.  I cut out the sweets almost completely and changed my soda drinking from 3-4 a day to 2-3 a week.  I re-implemented my morning green shake and loads of vegetables to my diet.  I still eat pizza and cheeseburgers occasionally but have been much smarter with my consumption.  It is amazing the difference I can feel in my body, I feel way less inflammation and much more energy.  Next step is cutting out my daily Monster Energy before training, baby steps.

The change have made it easier for me to push myself in my everyday training and I can see the benefits in my Jiu Jitsu game.  I have been learning a lot of new technique and implementing it throughout my game.  I wake up like a kid about to go to Disney World excited everyday to get on the mats and get better.

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