Pan Ams Day 3



Pan Ams Day 3 tallied one gold and a silver for Siege/Lotus Club AZ’s two competitors.   I am very proud of my girl Leslie Rials on winning her first Pan Ams Championship.   She fought through tough competition and at the end of the day stood on top of the podium with blue belt girls from Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu, Cobrinha JJ and Alliance JJ all looking up at her.  Great work babe!

As Leslie existed the mat purple belt Claudio Rios entered.   Claudio had an extremely tough division, the fans won as we watched some great Jiu Jitsu on the way to the finals.  Claudio reached the finals verse a mendes bros bjj player.  Jesus, Gabe and I did our best to coach against the Mendes brothers throughout the match.  Claudio played a great game that had him tied in the final seconds. Claudio went for the win with a final seconds guard pass that resulted in an advantage near sweep for his opponent.  So close to gold but a very impressive silver medal for Claudio.   I am very pleased with how our team has matched up against the world so far.  On our seven competitors that have competed we have two golds and a silver medal.  Tomorrow Jesus Jose (Brown belt), Robert Maloney (blue belt juvenile), Professor Giva Santana and I get our turn.   I’m excited to play my game and see what happens. 

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