Pan Ams Day 4



Robert Maloney kicked off Day 4 with a bang!  Robert Bow and arrowed all his opponents to his second straight gold in Pan Ams blue belt juvenile division.   The blue belt juvenile division is one of the toughest divisions out there that most the competitors have been training since little kids.  Robert went on to lose to the eventual champion in the open division.

My boy Jesus Jose was up next against an experienced Judoka and Jiu Jitsu fighter from Mongolia.   It was a tough fought match that ended with Jesus trailing by an advantage.   Proud of Jesus laying his skills on the line as he has the difficult job of juggling his training while teaching.

I got my shot on the mat next.  My first match went according to plan, I x-guard swept to the top and then finished an armbar in just over a minute.  Second match I went up big and then secured another armbar around the three minute mark.  Third match I was so close to finishing an armbar then shoulder lock but couldn’t pull it off losing by a couple advantages.  I ended up with a bronze medal in the brown belt master medio heavy division.   I took a shot at the open division and lost by a questionable call that I will let you decide when I post the video early this week.

Last to go was professor Giva Santana.   He tore through the black belt senior division and open weight division.   He also earned his fourth stripe on his black belt today making the entire Lotus Club community very proud.

All of Siege MMA/Lotus Club AZ competitors are finished up at Pan Ams.  We had 10 competitors and finished with 3 golds, 1 silver and a bronze medal.   That is incredible for one of the biggest tournaments in the world.   I’m a proud coach and teammate to all my brothers and sisters.

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