Projectile Vomit

Last night was a rare evening for life in Arizona.  For the first time in a long time we go dumped on with lots of rain, lots of wind, too much dust, and some nice thunderstorms.  So naturally I wanted to soak it in, Leslie and I sat outside enjoying the storm.  BANG!  I look over to see that my basketball hoop had crashed onto my car and smashed right through the windshield, dented the front and caused damage that you may have seen in recent insurance commercials.  At first I couldn’t even evaluate the damage because the thought of trying to move a large metal object in a lighting storm didn’t seem like a good idea.  When the storm stopped and I was able to move the hoop and see the damage, all I could do was laugh.  Things haven’t necessarily been going my way lately so it didn’t even shock me.

Happy 4th of July all, I have a nice relaxing day planned.  This morning I went and had breakfast with one of my pastors, great conversation and food at the Good Egg.  The restaurant reminded me of my cousin Steve’s wedding in San Diego.  Here’s the back story, I flew out to San Diego for Steve and Amanda’s Wedding and immediately was surrounded by family.  The night before the wedding they had the rehearsal party that we all attended.   It was a great night hanging out with family which turned into quite the party.  The Miller Lite flowed from the keg like water and I consumed entirely too much between socializing and playing beer pong all night.  The next morning I sat with all the men of the family and all my cousins friends  on the patio of the restaurant very similar to the one this morning.

Out of the almost 30 guys there I was the only one to sit without a plate of pancakes and eggs in front of me.  In fact I was struggling to swallow the water that sat in front of me, my head was pounding and my stomach churning.  I made it through almost the whole breakfast watching everyone enjoy their food and have conversations.  By this point I was so sick and hungover that I couldn’t even manage to talk, I got the feeling in the stomach that I was about to vomit.  I got up slowly smiled walked inside the restaurant, upon inside my walk got a little faster, I see the bathroom door and I start to sprint.  I flung open the bathroom door I knew there was no way I was going to make it to the stall and the urinal would have to do.  It was a photo finished as all the beer from the night before mixed in with stomach vile flew in a projectile vomit fashion towards the urinal.  Here’s the unfortunate part, most people use the urinals to pass urine and it just so happened that urinal I chose to puke in was occupied by 12 year old kid.   My vomit was all over him and he probably was getting drunk as it seeped into his skin.  Oh I felt terrible, I apologized profusely.  The kid stood there covered in vomit and declared “it’s okay.”  It okay are you serious I just puked all over you, I was hoping it would be okay with his dad too or I might have a fight on my hands.  I wonder if I would have handled the situation as good as him.  Point is life hands you lots of tough situations, it is all about how you deal with them.

So when my hoop dropped and cracked the windshield and dented car on top of all the other challenges that are currently facing me, I say “it’s okay” with a chuckle.  Turns out one of my sponsors, Performance Glass, replaces windshields so at least I will be able to give them so business.  Hope you all got a laugh at my unfortunately true story today, have a great 4th of July, be safe, and don’t puke on any little kids tomorrow.

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