Prowl Jitsu

Every time I have the honor of promoting someone to the next belt in Jiu Jitsu it is very special and rewarding. It is a chance for me to recognize an individual’s hard work, sacrifice and dedication.

Last night was extra special, Blake “The Prowler” Barth was awarded his Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt! Blake has been a close personal friend of mine since the sixth grade. We grew up in the small town of New Castle, Colorado. We have many memories together from playing on the same sport teams to causing teenage ruckus, but this one will always be very special.

I moved to Arizona with Blake in August 2004, we started Jiu Jitsu in the same week in June 2005. Blake was playing College Baseball at the time for Grand Canyon University and didn’t have the time to dedicate to Jiu Jitsu that I did. For the next couple of years he trained on and off with me allowing him to get pretty good. He eventually got married and moved back to Colorado right before he was going to get his Blue Belt. I was excited when he moved back to AZ a couple of years ago and resumed training. He has a full time job, a wife and two little girls but manages to escape to De Boa a couple of times a week. It was pretty awesome to be the one to promote him to Blue it only took him 11 years, congrats buddy!

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