Safe Travels Professor Ricardo

I want to thank Ricardo Zanelato for spending the last 4 months with us here in Arizona.  This was Ricardo’s forth trip to Siege, I have been privileged to train under him as a blue, purple, and now brown belt.  I know that we will train again someday soon whether in Brazil or back in the states.  It is always nice to learn from him while he is here.  He has a lot of knowledge from his many years he has given to Jiu Jitsu, I have been fortunate to pick his brain and soak in some of it.


My girl Leslie also received her first two stripes on her Blue Belt.  She has done a great job of being committed to Jiu Jitsu both as a student and a teacher.  It is exciting to watch female Jiu Jitsu grow in our community, Leslie teaches a Sunday class at Siege MMA that is open to the female public at 1:30 pm.


Last night marked having to say good bye to Ricardo, Leslie’s promotion and my frustrating evening on the mats.  If you have trained Jiu Jitsu or for that matter played any sports you inevitably have experienced an off day.  I remember in high school having one or two basketball games that my thumbs were on backwards and I couldn’t ever break away from awful plays.  When I started Jiu Jitsu these nights where I felt like I was terrible happened frequently, probably because I was terrible. lol.  The off nights started happening less frequently as I progressed as a Jiu Jitsu player, but when they do happen they are as frustrating as ever.   A few tears were shed in the shower last night, time to get back to training today.

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