SBJJF Worlds

I had the opportunity to go out to Long Beach California to Referee at SBJJF Worlds.  It was an extremely long two days of concentrating trying not to make any mistakes.  I felt sharp and on my game for most of the weekend.  As always the kids are the most difficult to ref, knowing that whatever call you make you will have parents mad at you.  Overall it was a great experience and can’t wait to do it again.

My teammates Brandon Wade, Yesenya Villafuerte and Luis Quezada all competed and had great results.  Yesenya won her orange belt division capping off a great year of competition for her.  Luis did really well in his orange belt division finishing second in both the GI and No-Gi Divisions.   Brandon competed in his first purple belt tournament and proved he belonged.  He placed third, but looked more than qualified to be there apart from gassing from the cold that kept everyone up in the Holiday Inn the night before from his thunderous snore.  Lotus Club represented well as a team combining with our California Schools we finished with the fifth place team trophy.

It was great to see the Lotus Club team, spent some time over dinner with Giva and Erica Santana and Fabio and Tatiana Nascimento.  Fabio and Tatiana have since left to Brazil, they will be missed here in the US and hopefully they will be back sometime soon.  Also got to ref right next to my boy Jesus Jose and got to work on our mean faces as we glared down disputers on the side line.

The SBJJF is ran by the same people as the NABJJF and is the organization that is working close with the EOC attempting to put Jiu Jitsu in the Olympics.  It is a growing organization that is giving a good alternative to the IBJJF.


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