Show and Tell

Do you remember doing show and tell in school? I vaguely remember searching for what toy to bring that would impress my friends. Last Friday was the second time De Boa Academy did show and tell for kids Jiu Jitsu Class, instead of bringing their favorite toy our kids brought their favorite technique. It’s so fun to watch these kids at work, they constantly amaze me.

I have heard parents in the past question whether to start their kids in Jiu Jitsu. Will it be good for confidence? Will it channel energy? Will it teach respect? Will my kid be getting in trouble at school for choking someone unconscious. I’d argue all the answers are a yes, except the last one of course.

Show and tell was another example to me of what the kids are learning in class above and beyond Jiu Jitsu. I witnessed kids that came in with no self confidence get in front of a group of their peers and teach confidently. I witnessed some kids struggle and forget what the details of the technique, the rest of the team sat quietly and respectfully as the kid teacher worked his or her way through the technique. I witnessed some great understanding of technique and how to teach it. Show and tell will be a class that we will continue to run, I’m sure each time the kids will amaze me. I know that most of my kids will not make a career out of Jiu Jitsu but it’s awesome to think that we are helpings kids to become successful adults. When these kids have to do an interview competing with their peers they will be a step above, they will have the confidence to speak in front of others, they will have the drive to push through difficulties, they will be able to channel their energy to improve upon strengths and weaknesses, and if the boss doesn’t hire them at least they could choke him unconscious. Just kidding about the last one, have a blessed Monday!

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