Shredded Shoulders and Ego

There is not much better of a wardrobe than a stained “wife beater” to drink beer in your front yard in.  Today we ran the MMA guys through some cage wrestling techniques and live drilling, we had a small group.  This student Peter came in to the MMA Practice for the first time, I bet in the shower tonight he will realize that a “wife beater” is not the ideal wardrobe for MMA.  The picture doesn’t do it justice poor Pete’s shoulders were gnarly.

I was also in pain tonight as a hopped in the shower, but my pain was coming from my Ego.  I got destroyed in Jiu Jitsu Class tonight for most of the night.  Whoever says there is no Ego in Jiu Jitsu is lying, you feel the Ego most after a rough night.  It is weird I have come to embrace evenings like tonight, they make you want to get better.  I recently was speaking to one of our at the time blue belts after he had a rough night and encouraged-discouraged him by telling him that these nights really will never go away.  I used to hate those rough nights, then I accepted those nights, and now I am learning to embrace these nights.  So my tips of the day our:  1)  Don’t wear “wife beaters” to MMA and 2) Learn to embrace the rough nights and try to find improvements from them.  The best things is I teach at 8:30 tomorrow morning and I get to go and see what Jiu Jitsu has in store for me as I live another day on the mats.  Peace

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