Stay Thirsty My Friends

I am more thirsty today than I was day one, doesn’t matter how much I drink it keeps getting worse, I’m parched! I’m talking about something that water can’t cure, I’m talking about the thirst for knowledge. I train and teach Jiu Jitsu, but this can be pertinent to anything you are passionate about. The challenge of becoming better than myself the previous day drives me to push hard, gather information, test myself, learn from failures, and seek improvement.

What makes you thirsty? If it is Jiu Jitsu, does your thirst come from wanting to win tournaments, or trying to get that next belt? I caution you that neither of these matter in the grand scheme of things, chances are you won’t be remembered by winning the AZ State Championships, or your promotion of two stripes on your white belt, neither will be on your tombstone. Here is a fact; if you continue to train Jiu Jitsu, one day you will be a Black Belt! Instead focus on many goals, with the ultimate goal not to be a Black Belt but rather to be a never ending student.

A couple of weeks ago De Boa Jiu Jitsu added a Judo program under the guidance of Judo Black Belt Robert Biggs. I have trained Judo many times in Jiu Jitsu class over my 11 years of training, but mainly Judo in Jiu Jitsu class. I had the opportunity to throw on the white belt again and took it, it has added to my thirst.

This weekend I will be going to compete at the IBJJF Las Vegas Open to challenge myself and see where I can grow, drink. My challenge to myself and to you is find thirst in everything you enjoy. Thanks for reading, now go get yourself a drink. Stay thirsty my friends!

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