Thanks everyone!

I’m just over two weeks removed from my ACL replacement surgery.  Surgery went well, at least I think, would they really tell you if it didn’t?  This is not a sob for me because of my injury blog.  I see so many people posting little injuries on social media to hope to get some sympathy or attention in return.  The way I see it, is this injury going to make me quit Jiu Jitsu, no!  So instead of feeling poor me it’s just time to figure out how to get past it.  One thing I know is that the worst time in my adult life lead up to the best time in my adult life, so I am trying to enjoy the journey!

I have felt so blessed over the last two months, so many people have stepped up an offered a helping hand.  I just want to publicly thank some of them:

Thank you Professor Jesus Jose who has been leaving work for a couple hours to help out with the Tuesday Morning class.  Jesus offers a detailed description of the principles he uses to be successful in Jiu Jitsu.  I have learned some great details that I will implement into my own game.

Thank you Professor Andrew Brittin who has been there to lead our Wednesday Morning crew.  I have always appreciated Andrew’s Game and have learned some of my go to techniques from him over the years.  I can see my students improving due to constant drills throughout his classes.

Thank you Professor Claudio Rios for coming and teaching one night a week.  Claudio is one of the most sound Jiu Jitsu players I have rolled with.  It is amazing to see how many people consider him their favorite training partner, which is a true testament to him and his abilities in Jiu Jitsu.

Thank you to the back bone of the school, Brown Belts Coach Gene, Coach Andy, and Coach Will.  These guys have lead our evening crew and have expanded their roles at the gym.  I’m excited for these guys to have the opportunity teach more and develop more in their own games.

Thanks to the Purple Belts who have filled in for classes and lead by example.  Chris Zacher, Chris Buentello, John Drane, and Rolo Collantes have contributed in the teaching role at the gym while I have been out.

Thanks to all the Blue Belts and colored belt teens for stepping up in our kids program.  Having five or six kids coaches on the mat is what puts De Boa ahead of the competition, we couldn’t do it without you.

Thank you Heike and Deshawn, and several others that have helped out Leslie with the cleaning of the academy.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness in a Jiu Jitsu gym.

Thanks to everyone who prepared meals and brought them over to help out, I ate good the last couple weeks!

Last but certainly not least thanks to my super hero of a wife, not sure I could do this without you.  Leslie has been running the gym, teaching most kids classes, several adult classes, cleaning the gym, running the business side of the gym, and even teaching some rumbling classes.  Pretty crazy that she can do all that and still have time to wait on me every second of the day with a smile on her face.  Not only that she does a great job as a mother taking care of Seth’s needs, and as a Grandma G!  You are truly amazing, I love you!

If you read my long list of thank yous, know I have missed many others that deserve my graditude, so thank you to all those that I missed.   I’m too blessed to be stressed and can’t wait to see all the positives that come out of this season!

I said last but one more thing, thank you to my Lord and Savior for providing peace in the storm, I am comforted in the fact that God knows best!

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