The Bebes

Leslie and I taught a private lesson to Dylan Bebee tonight.  Dylan is a 10 year old kid from our gym with a lot of energy a large personality.  Tonight he grasped all the techniques so well, I was very impressed.  I really enjoy teaching my knowledge in Jiu Jitsu to people that are eager to learn, there isn’t much better than teaching a technique then watching your student have a ear to ear smile on their face as they are excited to try the technique.  Here is Dylan doing a Spider Guard Pass to an Armbar:


It is hard to tell from the video but Dylan has been sporting a patch on his GI for a couple years now and I really appreciate the support.  Dylan’s parents own Performance Glass in Phoenix, they sponsored my whole tournament season last year.  For a business the $70 entry fee seems kind of meniscal but to me it means so much and it allows me to be able to afford to compete.  I really appreciate all those that support my growth in Jiu Jitsu and just would like to say thanks to Performance Glass, OSS Physical Therapy for working on my injuries, NSTS (Naveed Shan Training Systems) for helping me get healthy and stronger, and Siege MMA for giving me a place to grow for the last six years. sponsored the Castillo Bros, Xavier and Christian, a couple years back and upon the development of Eminence Kimono their sponsorship has shifted more to that.  They both are competing this weekend with a small team from the gym down in Yuma.  I wish I could make it, I know you guys will tear it up always putting on exciting matches and reppin and Eminence Kimono well.

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