The blessing of winter

I was born in raised in Colorado, winter meant snow, ice, and cold.  Although I grew up sledding, snowboarding and skiing I was never a huge fan of winter.  I moved to Arizona over ten years ago and since then I have a very different view of the winter months.  November brings cooler weather and a great break from the excruciating heat that AZ has 6-8 months out of the year.

The last three years I have looked forward to the winter months for a different reason.  Three years ago I was hired to teach at Sunflower Resort, which is a seasonal park for the 55 and up.  My first year there I was wondering what on earth was I going to teach, how I am going to modify workouts for seniors, do I really try and teach them kickboxing?

It was a definitely a process and a learning curve adjusting to teaching to a different clientele.  The biggest adjustment was the realization that these people I am working with are some tough sons of guns that can exercise better than most adults that work an office job or an unfunny comedian.  I have the privilege of teaching three cardio kickboxing classes a week and running their fitness center weight room.  I have been so blessed by this opportunity over the past years, I have developed some amazing friends that are always a bright spot of my week.  Today  I got to show everyone around their new fitness center with state of the art equipment.  I may be putting on the Halloween mask (an old man) and sneaking in to grab some extra workouts.  Thank you to all my friends out at Sunflower for being such a great thing in my life.



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