The Flyer Guy

Very few people who start Jiu Jitsu actually reach the level of Black Belt. For some reason people are under the impression that getting there will be easy and come without sacrifices. I worked at Red Lobster from white belt to brown belt, I had a degree but chose to work in the restaurant so that I could train. I was so excited when I could finally quit Red Lobster and teach Jiu Jitsu full time (with a couple side jobs). I swore I was done at Red Lobster for good.

When I decided to start my own gym, it was back to the grind. I started working at restaurant slanging Sushi and got a job flyering neighborhoods for landscapers. Again I am reminded of the sacrifices that I gratefully make to be able to continue my dreams in Jiu Jitsu. Not only am I sacrificing but my wife and step kid as well. We do not have an abundance of extra money to go out on weekends and my wife has had to go back to work in the dental field.  Jiu Jitsu Black Belt comes at a price, and that price is worth paying. Plus when my gym is ready to open the doors my flyer game is going to be better than any Jiu Jitsu School around, pick yo flyer’ing game up homie! Here are some bullet points of my flyering experience:

  • Although passing out flyers for the last several months I have no clue how to officially conjugate the word.  Examples I just (flyered, flyer’d, fliered) the hell out of that house or I will get to a new blog entry after I get done (flyering, flyer’ing) or I’m a purple belt (flyerer, flyer’er).  You get the point
  • I flyer with one of my Jiu Jitsu Students and friend Mechelle.  Mechelle is a Black Belt in the flyer game, it is all I can do to keep up.  I’m going to let you in on a secret, I try to race her when I am feeling energetic in the morning.  It reminds me back to when I was in high school.  My first car was a 1991 Mitsubishi Mirage, it had a little four cylinder in it.  If you punched the gas you would wait a couple seconds and then it would take off at a tortoise pace.  My friends and I were cruising the main strip of a near by town one night when we pulled up to a truck full of girls and a red light.  They looked at us, we looked at them, it was on.  The light turned green and I punched it, the Mirage let out it’s tiny scream and we raced to the next light.  Boy were we proud we just beat that truck in the race.  After stopping at the next light and talking with the girls we realized that they were not racing and they still almost beat us.  If I am having an on day on my flyer game sometimes I can give out the Mirage like effort and I feel accomplished as if I had one the battle of the flyer.  Then Mechelle tells me her knee is messed up and she is taking it easy.
  • People think the being a flyerer is an easy job, obviously you haven’t been out there on those mean streets.  Let me paint a picture of a typical day.  You are strolling door by door picking up some steam, the next house has the garage door open.  Okay I have been here before stay focused on the door.  I take a couple steps closer, my eyes pure at the door, I read NRA, No Solicitors!  Just then I turn and see the man lurking in the garage:

Look at that monster!  I screech out “Landscaping flyer” in a thirteen year old cracked puberty voice.  And you thought the flyer game was easy, it is hard life I didn’t choose it chose me.

  • One time I even had a guy take the flyers out of the door and throw them back at me.  People really hate the flyer guy, you can compare us to the mailman in a dogs world.
  • As if the job could not get any more intense and dangerous there is one more evil you must fight out there, the fellow landscaper.  Another picture, I just finished one street and turn the corner to the next one and boom it hits me Desert Landscaping.  The guys in the truck and in the yard mean mug me “What set you claim homie?”  I’m not sure how they knew  I was passing out Landscaping flyers but they knew.  From there it often gets violent.

That should help paint a picture, just imagine me throwing flyers like ninja stars.  The landscapers battle me with leaf blowers and weedwackers, sometimes I manage to fight them off, sometimes I’m not so lucky.

Remember becoming a Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu is tough but we worth it.  Becoming a Black Belt in the flyer game, I couldn’t tell you I can only hope to make it there some day.

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