The Knot has been tied

It has been a crazy couple of weeks!  Last week I managed to sell my first house, get handled by the whiskey at my bachelor  party, move out to Surprsie, drive to Colorado, get married, drive back from Colorado, and help my friend move.  My mind hurts and I am in desperate need of my honeymoon next week.

I just wanted to write a quick blog thanking everyone who made it out to my Bachelor Party, it was a “blur of bromance” in the words my best man Sean.

Thank you to everybody for helping me move, I am truly blessed to have friends that will help move in the middle of a Phoenix summer.

Thanks to everyone who sent cards, and a huge thanks to everyone who made it a priority to attend the wedding.  That was a jesture that I will never forget.

Last but not least thanks to the Wifey for marrying me, you are stuck with me now, hahahaha.


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