The Unity in Comm’unity

This past weekend the AZ Kids Cup and Copa Bella took place at Phoenix College. One Jiu Jitsu managed to secure the top podium spot on team points for the Kids Cup. It was a pretty awesome accomplishment for us. It’s always fun to see the kids improve every tournament. We had several first time competitors both for the kids and the females in Copa Bella, great job team!

The tournaments also gave me a chance to see a lot of my friends in the Jiu Jitsu Community. I was chatting with my friend Gerson, a Black Belt at Nava’s in Mesa, about the uniqueness of the Arizona BJJ Community. The local tournaments bring on intense competition and fierce rivalries. I go to about five or six local tournaments a year and see the same people, often even compete against the same people. I look forward to catching up with my friends from different schools and celebrating in their successes in Jiu Jitsu and in life. A big part of competition is to be able to celebrate in others accomplishments, a healthy competition requires more than one side to continue to improve push one another.

I travel to International Tournaments throughout the year as well. I try and notice if other state communities have the same sort of tightness as AZ, from an outsider’s view I just don’t see it. I find myself cheering for all of Arizona people when I go to Pans or Worlds as if we are one team. The healthy competition makes us a state to be reckoned with in Jiu Jitsu.

It’s not just the tournament scene that the AZ BJJ Community gets together. Some of my favorite memories in Jiu Jitsu have came at special events like the “Roll for Phillipines,” De Boa Grand Opening, Seminars, Julisa’s Fight Cancer Event at Fight Ready, Promotions, and Open mats. All these events featured different schools being one team fighting for similar goals. The unity in our community is something special and I’m honored to be apart of it. OSS

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