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K Train

I haven’t been writing many blogs lately as I am waiting to update some of the visuals and logos on my blog, but I had to make an exception today. I want to wish everyone a Happy Veterans day and thank you all for your service.  Our Military Men and Women sacrifice so much for […]

Fight to Win 12

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to compete in my first Professional Jiu Jitsu match at Fight To Win 12 in Scottsdale.  I had a tough super match against Bellator Vet BJJ Black Belt Beau Tribolet, Beau was extremely strong and hard to get anything on.  The match ended up going to refs decision which […]

Weekend with Giva

This past weekend is one I will remember for the rest of my life! Friday night I drove down to Phoenix Sky Harbor to pick up my Jiu Jitsu Master, Giva Santana. Saturday he conducted a seminar at De Boa, armbars, lapel guards, passing the leg lasso, and some sneaky subs. Some great details on […]

Masters Worlds Anniversary

Tomorrow I leave for Masters Worlds in Vegas to compete on Thursday. I have 42 guys in my division, I’m ready to go! My Professor, Giva Santana, competes on Friday and then De Boa Purple Belts, Leslie, Will, Brandon, Doc and Andy compete on Saturday. Yesterday my wife and I celebrated our two year anniversary […]

Big Phil

It’s always a great honor for me to reward a student for all their hard work with a new belt. Last night Phil Hinkel earned his Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I met Phil about five years ago when I was teaching at Siege MMA. At the time Phil trained for over a year […]