Weekend Review

What is a weekend?  Is that the time that you are suppose to rest up and recoup to prepare for another week?  Weekend’s look a lot different for Jiu Jitsu Junkies during tournament season.  This weekend and every weekend coming up through summer has a Jiu Jitsu tournament going on.  They have a way of consuming your entire weekend but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m really inspired to get back into competition shape, I had to take several weeks off of training after a little motorcycle accident.  The positive side is the time off has made it easy to mend most of the nagging injuries that I have accumulated over the past year.  I got back the mats last week for full contact training and once again I feel the blessing of Jiu Jitsu.  It is amazing how getting some good rolls, and some bad ones I am kind of out of shape, makes simple life problems dissolve away.

This weekend the 9th AZ International Open happened at Phoenix College.  Lotus Club AZ (my team) had only a few adults compete, I am proud of the ones that did.  Tyson Antillon tore it up today earning a silver medal in just his second tournament as a purple belt.  It was sweet to see his exciting brand of Jiu Jitsu sporting his Eminence Kimono.  Jason Gatti pulled a Jason Gross and decided to compete after not training for the tournament.  Some how it worked out for him and he landed a bronze medal.

The kids team was much larger and was a testament to all the hard work the kids and coaches Jesus and Gabe have been putting in.  The Castillo Bro’s and  Yesenya Villafuerte are not just on my Jiu Jitsu team but also great representatives of my company Eminence Kimono.  The all repp’d really well this weekend turning in some of the most impressive matches of the tournament.   Other kid standouts were the Perkin’s Boy going 9-1 as a collective group, Bobby took silver, Big Bryce, Tommy Tom, Pierre, Isaac, were among some of the others that landed on the podium.

I am really grateful for all the people supporting Eminence Kimono both sponsored and not.  It makes me really happy to see our GIs everywhere and have sponsored athletes kicking butt and taking names.  Some highlights from this weekend were Daniel Madrid winning his MMA fight via RNC in the first round, newly sponsored Daniel Hampton rocking double Gold in the brown belt division for the second straight Arizona tournament, Kayla Reupenny earning a gold medal and the MVP for the entire last year in Arizona for female Jiu Jitsu players, just to name a few.  Wishing Hector Vasquez a speedy recovery, hope you can make the push for Pans.  Thank you for all that you all do!

Jiu Jitsu consumes a large piece of my life, tomorrow it will consume it in a different way.  My Jiu Jitsu brother and friend William Walsh and his wife Amy have a little girl named Riley.  Riley is about 5 months old and has a rare heart defect that will require surgery this Monday.  This has been a huge emotional drain on their family and I ask that everyone send them prayers and good wishes for tomorrow.  I have posted a link if you would like to donate and help out in this time of need as there are a lot of expenses that insurance is not covering.



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