When I Grow Up

I sat outside my trailer talking with my best friend Charlie about what our lives will look like when we were “grown ups.”   I remember my six year old thoughts about what was a given in 20 years:

  • I would be a cowboy, not like a OK Coral gunslinger, but more like a farmer that rides his horse around the farm and possibly even partakes in a dip chew every now and then.
  • I would drive an old blue Chevy Pick Up.
  • I’d definitely have a dog and wife what country music song doesn’t?
  • My best friend Charlie would live next door.
  • Not sure what I was going to be doing for work because although I own a farm, that was for riding purposes and to classify me as a cowboy solely.  There would be no work going on.

Fast forward 24 years, I’m not a cowboy although very proud of my country roots and where I am from, a small town in Colorado.  I don’t drive old blue chevy, unfortunately I don’t even live next door to my buddy Charlie…  With my short comings in cowboyness and a lack of an old pick up aside I think my six year old self would be proud.  Weekends are a good time to reflect on the joys of your life and I would have to say that I am blessed.  I have an amazing family, fiancé, friends, training partners, step kids (adults, haha), instructors and job.  I get to look forward to Monday not dread another work week, I get to go train and teach Jiu Jitsu and MMA!  Also I really want to thank everyone for the support of Eminence Kimono!  It is a blast running the company with Leslie, we get to talk about ideas, hear ideas from friends, and then see the ideas come to life.  The process of creating GIs is very stressful at times but is very rewarding to see the growth of the company.


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