Without a Shadow of Doubt

There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance, one is extremely beneficial the other is extremely hazardous. How many confident people do you know that do not come across as arrogant? How many arrogant people do you know that have no confidence? I think as human beings it is natural to allow doubt to get in your head, so we combat that doubt in three ways; 1. Continue with the doubt and lack of confidence 2. Overshadow the doubt with a false sense of confidence or arrogance 3. Approach life with confidence.

How do we gain this sense of confidence? I gain confidence through my life experiences, my failures, and my hard work. Now before I appear “Arrogant,” let me explain this is a task I am working on in many areas of my life and by no means have it figured out. I’m far from a life instructor instead more of a student.

Last weekend gave me a great opportunity to learn about myself and learn about my Jiu Jitsu. I had the opportunity to compete at the Grand Canyon State Open. Going into the tournament I had an 0-3 record as a Black Belt. I found a lot of success as a Brown Belt competing but had yet to experience my hand being raised as a Black. The lack of success didn’t cast much doubt in my mind in being able to win as a Black Belt, I actually went into the tournament with genuine confidence. Owning my own school I very rarely train Jiu Jitsu selfishly anymore, more often than not I am training to improve my students over training to improve myself. I do have great students that push me, so my game continues to improve despite the fact my training does not center around me. I was able to achieve my first win as a Black Belt in my two man weight division, winning by armbar. I then signed up for the Open Weight.

I had this confidence thing figured out right? Wrong, my open weight match was against a Brazilian guy from Gracie Barra. I was pretty sure I knew the guy from back in 2008 when I was a Blue Belt. I trained at a Gracie Barra at the time and had traveled to the Barra Headquarters in Irvine. I was amazed by the amount of Black Belts on the mat , and I’m pretty sure he was one of them. This knocked my confidence off course and allowed the doubt to set in.

I went into the match without %100 confidence, which had me not making decisions off confidence but decision making with the cloud of doubt overhead. It was a good match that I lost in sudden death overtime. Watch the match and see for yourself the hesitations that surely could have won the match. If I would have had full confidence in what I do, the outcome may have been different.

So is my loss a loss, or is it a lesson? Only time will tell I say confidently.
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