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Yesterday the head of Lotus Club USA Giva Santana, my instructor, competed at Masters Worlds in California.  Giva has been taking time off to focus on his MMA career.  This year he has hopped back into the Jiu Jitsu landscape with a gold medal victory at the Las Vegas open in August.  The Masters Worlds was another great chance for him to test his skills.  His first match Giva won a close match to a Gracie Barra fighter.  Second match he ran up the score against Carlos Eduardo Carone Francis from Jiu Jitsu Foundation.  In the Finals he faced a very tough Roberto Tusso the match was back and forth through the begining until Giva created a scramble that ended up with Tusso securing side control.  Giva being down positioned himself in position to secure a knee bar that Tusso twisted to escape that left Giva in an illegal knee reap position.  It was ruled a DQ securing the Gold medal for Tusso.  After the tournament Giva had this to say:

“I want to say thanks to all of you that helped me through this one, my “Roomie ” Erica that cook me some good dinners, my conditioning training partner Laercio Fernandes, my training partners Fábio Nascimento, Lalau, Evan, June, Timmy, Tommy, Cliff, Mike, Alexandre and everyone else I had s chance to roll.
My black belts who make our classes amazing:
Laercio Fernandes, Fábio Nascimento, Mo Mandelbaulm, Even Cathy, thanks for been there today.
It was fun! May God bless you all.
I came up little short, lost the finals by DQ (reaping) to Roberto Tussa, who just won Pan Am no gi adults last week.
I had three matches.
Some people told me I should have gone in the senior 2 which is my age group, but sometimes you must leave your comfort zone, to challenge and push yourself… So that is why I competed at Masters. I had nothing to prove to anyone, but to myself.
Congratulations to all of my students for performing and representing really well despite results.
Much love for all of you.
Let’s keep training hard for the next one.

Always setting a great example for his students, I look forward to continue watching and learning from Giva in the future.

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